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COMPASS Conference Transferable Skills for Research & Innovation

Publishing year: 2024

The COMPASS Conference, held on 4-5 October 2023 at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, was a pivotal event for Ulysseus European University’s research and innovation activities, drawing over 200 participants and featuring 80 submitted abstracts. This international conference provided a rare opportunity for young PhD students to showcase their research on a global stage, marking a transformative step in their academic careers. Covering a wide array of critical topics like sustainable energy, aging, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence, the conference highlighted the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary research and its importance in tackling today’s challenges.

A notable focus of the event was on developing transferable, complementary skills crucial in the fast-evolving research domain. Workshops and discussions aimed at enhancing essential skills such as self-management and self-leadership, equality and entrepreneurial mindset, preparing researchers to effectively contribute to societal progress. The conference was especially valuable for PhD students, offering their first exposure to the international academic community, facilitating broadened perspectives, skill development, and networking.

The emphasis on transferable skills underscored the conference’s goal: to not only advance individual careers but also to equip researchers for significant contributions to the global scientific dialogue and societal development. The COMPASS Conference thus stood out as a significant milestone in nurturing a new generation of researchers, reinforcing the importance of interdisciplinary dialogue, professional skill development, and international collaboration in shaping the future of the European Research Area and education.

This abstract book gathers the extended abstracts* presented at the Conference.

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COMPASS Conference: Transferable Skills for Research & Innovation

*Only abstracts which have been accepted for publication by the author are included in the publication.